All Natural Acne Cures

Did you know that you have a pharmacy in your back yard? There are any number of herbs and vegetables that are really great for you. If you have acne, you want to read on to find out more about these natural wonders.

These are only a few of the possibilites, after reading here, do a search for “herbal cures for acne” and you will get tons of ideas. The purpose of this article is to tell you what the terms mean and how to use the herbs.

You will generally be required to create lotions – especially of you are treating a skin ailment. A lotion is basically just a cream that is a little more liquid so that it can flow easily. You will need to add your herbs to cream.

Creams are good for people with acne because they soothe the problem skin and nourish the skin underneath as well. You will use a cup of cream at a time – aqueous is best and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.

When the cream is replaced by water – the term used is a decoction. (That is a very important sounding word for what is essentially a herb that is boiled in water.) Read these proactiv reviews and know other all natural acne cures.

For the most part, this is used when the herb is made of harder materials – like rosemary, for example. Boiling the herbs in the water allows you to get out every little bit of goodness. Again, simmer for around 15 minutes.

In either event, the biological material needs to be removed before it is ready to be applied. Creams especially can go rancid – especially when you are dealing with a natural cream. Add a capsule of Vitamin E for extra shelf life.

The tea is something that you have already probably encountered. Make like normal except that you would generally refrain from adding milk and sugar. The ratio here is a 15ml fresh herb per cup or 5ml dried herbs and honey to taste.

A tincture is something you will also come across – the herb is macerated in an alcohol base in order to give it a longer shelf life. This will not be applied topically but taken internally, a few drops at a time – very concentrated.

You will find that the methods differ depending on the herb used and the condition that is being treated. You will need to choose the best way for you and what suits you best.

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